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“One thing you can’t hide — is when you’re crippled inside.”

John Lennon

I was genuinely intrigued when I saw a snap of this friend, sitting on a comfy chair in some beautiful locale, sipping wine, and looking on as the sun, set on the horizon. The pic was followed simply by #selflove.

I have heard that before… self-love; but for some reason, my mind decided to focus and hunker down on those two words that day. I am particularly interested in the use of language since I find it fascinating how it shapes culture and norms. (#nerd).


  1. Voices of reason have historically been termed negative, controversial, dangerous for society.
  2. When in crisis, any apparent solution put forward seems like the ultimate solution.
  3. A free thinker uses reason and logic and does not aim to replace one bad option with another bad option.
  4. Those with agenda and those who have been reduced to extreme fear rarely can see reason.
  5. Spend your days developing your rational mind. That in itself will lead to a higher you.
  6. There is no ultimate truth. Shall we not pursue truth then? Of course, we should. It’s an endeavor worth the effort. Pursuit of…

As a child, I took to this quote pretty well. Weakness is sin. I believed it. And I started hating my weaknesses.

The problem was I did not understand my weaknesses. It was a very superficial exercise that led me to revolt against things I thought made me weak…like being sensitive and emotional.

As I matured into a more sensible individual (I would like to believe that), I realized the difference between true weaknesses like being lazy or lack of will from something like being emotional, which turned out was a strength, since that in part is responsible for what…

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Okay…Let me set this straight. I do not have a recipe for a great movie. This article is not about that.

Neither is this article trying to convince the reader nor is it in any way trying to limit the definition of a great movie. It is the writer’s opinion on what makes a great movie.

And what qualifies the writer to assert this topic? Well, really not much, except the fact that I, the writer, like millions of others, love movies and appreciate the art behind bringing to life, characters and stories, that speak to us in unique ways.

Arguments are very common. They take place with strangers on your way to the shopping center, with colleagues at work, and with your spouse at home. And of course now with the virtual world being as much a part of our lives as the real world, no dearth of argumentative trolls there, right?

This article covers the three most common mistakes that you can avoid while in an argument with someone, anywhere.

The first mistake to avoid

Never lose your cool: Arguments tend to increase stress. It happens since they are unexpected incidents. Hence, most people in arguments react with…

While pondering over a crucial life decision, I turned to my friend and said, “ My gut feeling about this whole thing….” I was abruptly interrupted as my friend, very smartly, said,

“Buddy, your gut may have bacteria but it has no feelings”.

Of course, how else was I supposed to respond to such a smart interjection? I abandoned listening to my gut for the moment and turned to more logical and rational thoughts.

It was the latter half of September of 2007. I was in Sydney and on a fine-looking day, I ventured out and took the bus from the outskirts of Sydney to the train station and then onto…

The most common habit people excel in today is procrastination.

Many blame it on inertia. It is easier to remain passive over longer periods than otherwise. Transitioning this phase from passive to active takes immense energy and overcoming friction.

So it’s pertinent to understand this friction since reducing it would mean lesser energy consumed in changing the state from passive to active. This friction occurs due to resistance. And what is this resistance?

Let’s categorize the resistance into four parts; Psychological, Physical, Resources, and Time.

Psychological: The psychological barrier takes many forms..lack of purpose, insecurity, fear of failure, wavering focus, lack of self-esteem, and many more. …

Momentum is a real thing. It’s also very valuable when looked at from the point of developing habits.

I am in the middle of a 30-day challenge to write one article every day. It has been deeply satisfying to express thoughts in words and finally move forward with doing so after months and months of contemplation and delays.

After a discussion on momentum with one of my mentees, I decided to check the effect that breaking momentum has while trying to build a habit through consistency.

Freedom of choice, in my opinion is the greatest of your rights. The ability to choose your lifestyle, partner, ideology, government, way of life, etc by using your reasoning is a right that paves the way for your other rights.

And yet, increasingly, we find ourselves pushed in a corner where we are supposed to choose between extremely limited options; in many cases, just a binary option; this or that.

You are either a conservative or a liberal; either left-oriented or support the right; you either believe the supernatural or you believe in absolutist science. You are either a Pani-Puri…

We are born curious. We are then told curiosity killed the cat. We stop asking and settle for answers, told to us by others. Those answers are to be considered “real”, we are told.

It’s a travesty of the very senses that set us apart from other animal species. The way to develop our intellectual sensibilities is to question what appears obvious or common. Baser minds that do not wish to probe further, tell you of the practical way..they tell you how something has always been done and ask you to accept it as Reality.

Let’s revisit the well-known and…

Sayan Goswami

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